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Gil in Final Fantasy 14

Gil is the primary currency of Eorzea. It can be made through questing, guildleves, dungeons, duty roulettes, and selling items to NPCs and the Market Board.

Players also obtain gil through completing raids and trials with a group, by doing guildhests through the Duty Finder, and by Muging beastmen and NPCs (typically for insignificant amounts). Gil is also gained from treasure chests and enemy drops.


Having a lot of gil in Final Fantasy 14 allows you to do many things in the game. You can buy high-level gear to make dungeons easier, purchase ventures on the Market Board, and more. You can also turn in your gil to the Grand Company for seals and other items.

You can obtain gil from battles and completing quests. However, the amount varies by the type of battle and difficulty level. You can also buy rumors at the tavern and take part in errands to earn gil.

Gathering classes such as Miner, Botanist and Fisher can make a lot of gil. It may seem small but it starts to add up when you do it regularly.


For those with high-level crafters (Armorer, Goldsmith, Alchemist), completing Tradecraft leves can provide a good amount of reliable gil, cutting out the market board middle man. These leves will usually require a high level of the specific item being crafted and can be very lucrative.

Gil can also be obtained from selling items and equipment after battle, from treasure spheres, and by selling Materia for its AP value or mastered Materia that increases the amount earned from each fight. However, these methods can quickly become ineffective once the market board sees them overtaken by supply and demand. Especially as new patch content and items perfect for glamours are released.


A player can make gil by gathering in the open world, selling loot dropped by enemies and from Treasure Chests, completing quests, dungeons, guildleves and duty finders, or on the Market Board. In addition, a player's retainers can be sent on Ventures to earn gil.

Players can also make a large amount of gil by undercutting other players on the Market Board. This can quickly destroy demand for an item and push it to a lower price point. However, players should always keep in mind that undercutting can be a risky strategy and may cause the Market Board to crash. Also, each server's market prices can be different.


In FFXIV, raids are the pinnacle of endgame content and provide the best loot in the game. They offer a variety of equipment tokens that can be exchanged for high-item level gear, and some raids have a Completion Reward item that is rewarded upon completion.

Raids are designed to be a challenge, even for the most experienced players. They have soft enrage timers, tougher bosses, and difficult mechanics such as traps.

To play Raids well, you need a good grasp of raid mechanics and solid coordination with your teammates. Many Raid leaders interview prospective members by asking them a few questions on their in-game experience and preferred Raiding hours. Get to know about this best way to make gil ffxiv in the link.

Free Company Workshops

With the release of FFXIV Patch 3.0 Heavensward Free Company Workshops have been added. The workshop allows your FC to make Gil by queuing Company projects. Each project has a list of required materials, and members can chip in up to the amount needed to progress or finish it.

A workshop can also be used to construct company airships and submarines and manage them. These are an alternative to buying them on the market board and can be a good source of gil.

Be aware that this method is time intensive and the quality of the equipment produced depends on how many FC members contribute. It is a very good option for high-level players but not for early-game players.


The main currency in Final Fantasy XIV is Gil. Players can acquire gil in a variety of ways, including questing, doing guildleves, completing duties on the Duty Finder, fighting enemies, entering dungeons and selling items to NPCs or the Market Board.

One of the best methods for making gil in FFXIV is by running dungeons and doing duty roulettes that give player commendations or player missions. These are repeatable weekly and are the best way to earn a large amount of gil in a short period of time. In addition to this, the player can also use gil to buy mounts and other in-game goods.



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